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The autumn collection

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Be a force of nature

When you're small, nothing can hold you back. You ride like the wind, fall like the rain, and shine like the sun - whatever the weather. That's because small is the biggest force of nature of them all.

Made for kids and their planet

Be warm, comfy and ready for any weather with Reima’s sustainable outdoor innovations! Our monomaterial jackets and pants are the world’s first circular outerwear for kids.

Take on the weather with leather

Our Ehtii shoe brings the waterproof of Reimatec, the durability of leather and recycled rubber together into one adventure-ready shoe! These shoes are made with the nature in mind, and designed to be passed from kid to kid.
Ehtii | Sizes 28–40

Warm up with coffee

2-in-1 Coffee Bean Jackets offer both autumn and winter weather happiness for kids. On a warmer autumn day you can use the jacket as a trendy gilet by zipping the sleeves off.

A rainy day is a wonderful possibility

Our new Tarmokas boots look so beautiful kids will want to wear them even when it doesn’t rain. And who knows, the weather can suddenly change into the most exciting autumn storm!
Tarmokas | Sizes 28–38

Here you will find the whole autumn 2020 collection from Reima. You wil find water- and wind proof mid-season jackets and overalls, autumn shoes, technical inner wear, children's jeans made of warming Thermolite material  and functional accessories among the collection. These clothes and accessories are everyhing you need for this autumn!