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Any weather is Reima weather

It doesn't make any difference if it's snowing or raining, fun always awaits for your outside. It's just a matter of how to dress for adventure.


What's Reima Weather?

Reima Weather App is designed for families either as a guide on how to dress your kid for different weather conditions, or act as an authority explaining the need of putting on the rain gear for the more "independent" and strong-minded kid.

When dressing up matters

The app helps you to understand at a glance what the weather will be for today and plan ahead with future weather predictions. Get weather based suggestions for how your kid(s) should dress and be alertered when you might need specific gear for later.

Get inspired

The app even gives you advice and inspiration on fun things to do with the whole family, regardless of the weather, ranging from how the kids in the Nordics spend their time in the forest to awesome new ways to create new worlds in the city!

The app is available in English, Finnish, German and Swedish.

Don't let
the weather be an excuse,
be an adventurer,
dress up and head out!

Reima Weather
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