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All you need for daycare and playground

Best for the playground and daycare! Here you will find everything for comfortable time spent on the playground and in the daycare. Functional and durable clothes in which children can play outside all day long. Waterproofness and breathability are in focus.

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Small feet can run free in this easy-wear waterproof shoe

Its classic design goes together with all outfits, and its functionality frees you from worrying about the weather.
Patter | Sizes 20-38

Starting a daycare: Prep like a pro

The first day of daycare is a big day! Check out our top tips to make sure this big step in your kid’s life (and your life) goes as smoothly as possible.

Full protection for the rain

Rainsuit with smooth polyester knit lining. All Reima rainwear materials come without harmful PVC.
Roiske | Sizes 80-116

Kidswear for the daycare and playground. Choose between comfortable softshell jackets and pants, colourful rainwear, waterproof gloves and warming beanies. Don't forget our extremely comfortable, waterproof and machine washable Patter Wash shoes.