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Kids’ Shoes

Check out the footwear collection with our range of thoughtfully designed kids’ shoes. We have shoes especially created for the height of summer such as kids' sandals or kids' winter boots for the death of winter – as well as kids' trainers and kids' rain boots for every season in between.

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Step into autumn with Enkka

​Our all-around Enkka sneakers are perfect for autumn weather. Enkka is stylish on the outside and waterproof on the inside. They're comfortable, lightweight and easy to put on, thanks to the elastic laces.
Enkka | Sizes 28–38

Lenkkari means sneaker

​Our fresh new style Lenkkari is designed to look cool and feel fantastic on kids’ feet. This casual style is perfect for the city and dry days. Lenkkari is made with durable natural hemp, zero chemical-heavy fluorocarbons and a 30% recycled rubber sole, so it’s got a way smaller environmental footprint too.
Lenkkari | Sizes 28–38

For magical rainy days

Taika means “magic” and these rain boots make sure even the wettest days are magical. They’re made with 40% natural rubber with no PVC or chemical-heavy fluorocarbons. They deliver great grip on slippery city streets and are designed to stand out on them too.
Taika 2.0 | Sizes 20–38


Happy Fit makes happy kids

Peek inside most Reima shoes and you’ll find our red Happy Fit insole. It’s made to make sure your child’s shoes are just the right size. Just pop the insole out and have your child on stand on it. If all those little toes are inside the Happy Fit line, the shoe fits!