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When it’s hot, we stay cool - Cooling Comfort collection

From building castles made of sand to playing catch me if you can, kids stay active all day long on the hot summer days. As kids play and sweat, our Cooling Comfort clothes transport moisture away from their skin, keeping them cool, dry and comfortable. Our innovative Xylitol Cool technology is behind this cool magic.

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When the game heats up, stay Xylitol Cool
Active kids need active clothes. That’s why our Xylitol Cool collection is made to keep kids cool as they run, kick, score and more. Originally developed in Finland as a sugar substitute in gum and sweets, it turns out Xylitol can also be made into an eco-friendly, non-toxic heat-beating fabric finish, cooling skin down by 1-3 degrees. Summer heat? Bring it on!

Air conditioning – powered by kids!
We think kids should feel just as cool as they look. So we made a collection of shirts, dresses and everyday clothes to keep kids cool no matter how hot it is outside. The cotton absorbs moisture and the COOLMAX® polyester leads it away from the skin. They’re easy-care and the perfect pieces to pack-and-go.