We believe that small ideas can have a big impact. This is why, for 75 years, we’ve had our hearts set on one thing: to create clothes and services that let kids live curiously, whatever the weather.

Just like kids love playing, we’ve always relished a challenge. The philosophy behind our innovations is simple: to give every kid an active childhood and help families to make most of their time with kids. Whether it’s about comfortable wind- and rainproof coatings, clothes that repeal insects or innovative digital services, we think of every last detail.

As a global leader of kids’ outdoor clothes, we’re passionate about innovating, doing clothes differently and working determinedly towards a sustainable clothing industry.

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We introduced Reimatec in 1995 and soon that name became a synonym for quality outdoor clothing. Reimatec fabric is our greatest innovation and we use it in almost all our outdoor clothes. What makes Reimatec so special is that it is fully waterproof, breathable and extremely durable. A non-toxic DWR (durable water repellency) finish on the surface of the Reimatec fabric repels water and dirt, so there’s less laundry: very often you can just wipe the garment clean.

For kids, Reimatec keeps kids comfortable all day long in any type of weather. And for parents, Reimatec means ease of mind and ease of care!

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100% recyclable
mono-material products

We are strongly committed to improving circularity and sustainability in fashion. The main principle of designing for recycling is to reduce the number of different materials in a product. Our monomaterial products are beautiful examples of circular economy in action: by registering clothes online, families can track their journeys from user to user all the way up to their return to Reima, when we will upcycle them. Our aim is simple: to protect our children and their future. That’s why by 2023, already 20% of our clothing will be monomaterial, and 50% of all our polyester will be recycled origin.

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Anti-bite Collection

Let your kids discover summer without the fear of bug bites. Our Anti-Bite wear repels mosquitoes, ticks, sand flies, biting flies, wasps, bees, ticks and even head lice—safely, of course. The repellent agent in Anti-Bite wear is safe, skin-friendly and non-irritant. It’s considered safe—even for babies—by both WHO and EPA. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable too, so it won’t even harm the insects it repels.


Xylitol Cool

With the hottest times of summer in mind, Reima introduces the smooth, elastic Xylitol Cool fabric for kids. The cooling sensation of Xylitol Cool technology in a variety of styles will keep kids feeling cool and fresh during summer activities.

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Meet the winners

Winners for 2019

  1. The European Union award for Product Safety badge

    The European Union awards Reima for Product Safety of children’s products.

    The recognition is given to Reima as a company that goes the ”extra mile” to protect consumers, offering a level of safety that goes beyond legislation.

  2. The European Union awards Reima for Product Safety of children’s products

    BÄST I TEST, Sweden

    Toddlers’ snowsuit Reimatec Gotland wins field test.

Winners for 2018



    Reimatec Silda and Skaidi win the everyday jacket category.


    VTV2 HJELPER DEG, Norway

    Reimatec Ote mittens are test winners. Read more

  3. Bäst I Test 2018

    BÄST I TEST, Sweden

    Reimatec Stavanger overall wins field test.

  4. Norwegian Institute for Water Research<

    Norwegian Institute for Water Research

    Reima is one of just three fully toxin free European kids’ wear brands. Read more

  5. SOA Scandinavian Outdoors Awars

    SOA competition

    The reflective Reimatec ’Vilkku’ mittens get the jury’s honorary mention in the Scandinavian Outdoor Group competition at the Munich ISPO fair.

Winners for 2017

  1. German brand award

    German brand award

    The German Design Council gives its award as an acknowledgement to the design and branding of the ReimaGO activity tracker.

  2. SOA Scandinavian Outdoors Award 2017

    SOA competition

    ReimaGO activity tracker wins 1st prize in its category in the Scandinavian Outdoor Group competition at the Munich ISPO fair.

  3. Junior Magazine Silver

    The British online publication grants a silver award to the design of Reima’s entire collection.

  4. Sports product of the year, Finland 2016

    Sports product of the year, Finland

    ReimaGO activity tracker is nominated “Sports product of the year 2016”.

Winners for 2016

  1. FORELDRE & BARN magazine, Norway

    FORELDRE & BARN magazine, Norway

    Reimatec+ Stavanger overall chosen as the best on the market by Swedish Testfakta.

Winners for 2015

  1. BÄST I TEST Baby Overall 2015

    BÄST I TEST, Sweden

    Reimatec Copenhagen overall chosen as the best in its class.