Give Used Clothing a Second Life with Reima and Emmy

In Finland, Reima clothes are getting a second life. Our recent cooperation with Emmy, the largest online seller of second-hand clothes in the country, extends the life of clothing by passing them down once they’ve been outgrown. This helps parents make more responsible choices for our environment -- and it’s easy.

A Second Life for Second Hand

In today’s more eco-conscious world, fast fashion is problematic. It wastes water energy and energy, and creates consumerism where it needn’t be created. At Reima, we believe in creating long-lasting, durable clothes that can be passed down and reused, diminishing the clothing industry’s overall impact on the environment.

For many families in Finland, second-hand clothing (and other items) have long been considered to be the best option. There’s a vibrant second-hand economy for selling and buying used items, but thanks to Emmy, this process is easier than ever. Sellers drop their used items at an Emmy collection box, and Emmy takes care of the rest. Once the items are sold in the online store, the seller receives their share of the profit.

Saving #OURSEA with John Nurminen Foundation

Reima joined Moomin Characters and numerous other brands in an effort to save the Baltic Sea. The #OURSEA campaign run during 2020 to mark Moomins’ 75th birthday, and continued until 31 July 2021. The campaign raised funds to clean up the sea, helping marine life thrive and letting kids living around the Baltic swim in cleaner water.

Tove Jansson, the famous author of the Moomin books, was born a Finn, and she spent most of her summers in the Finnish archipelago. The Baltic is the only sea Finland has direct access to. This sea is rather shallow and less salty than the bigger oceans, therefore also more vulnerable. It is a unique ecosystem with species not found elsewhere in the world, but heavily stressed by pollution from all the surrounding countries. However, as all the seas of the world are interconnected, cleaning up this sea will also contribute to cleaning the waters of the entire world.

During the campaign, Reima donated 10 euros to the John Nurminen Foundation – who coordinate and execute the cleaning actions – for every recyclable Voyager jacket registered at Each 10 euros helped remove 40 kilograms of toxic blue-green algae from the Baltic sea.

Register your jacket

Reima teamed up with Protect Our Winters (POW) Finland to save the snow plays

Playing in the snow has always been an important part of growing up for Nordic kids— and at Reima, we’re happy to have helped them enjoy snowy days for 75 years. Now, as climate change threatens this cultural tradition, we’ve teamed up with Protect Our Winters (POW) to ensure future generations can do the same.

The POWer of teamwork

POW was founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007 with the goal of turning passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates. Originally gaining most of its support from the snowsports community, it’s now a social movement with a worldwide network of over 130,000 supporters. Since 2015, the organisation has also been active in Finland.

In November 2019, Reima launched a campaign together with Protect Our Winters Finland (POW). Our target was to showcase the importance of traditional snow games by getting them added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The count finished on 2.2.2020 at 20,822 names, which means we reached our UNESCO 20,000 name target! Together we've assembled a huge crowd of people to carry a strong message forward to protect snow play and winter.